Infant Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Releases

Underneath the tongue, there is a band of tissue called a frenulum. Likewise, many babies have a frenulum connecting the top gum to the underside of the top lip. If the frenulum interferes with normal movement or function of the tongue, it is called “ankyloglossia” or “tongue-tie”. If the frenulum under the top lip is tight and/or broad and restricts the ability of the lip to flange or remain neutral when the mouth is open wide, it is called a “lip-tie”. If your infant is assessed to have a tongue-tie or lip-tie and your physician, midwife or lactation consultant feels the tie may be contributing to your breastfeeding or bottle-feeding challenges, we can provide a release (also known as a frenotomy).

The release of this tissue is done with a state of the art CO2 laser and it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Performed with a laser, frenotomy is a fast procedure with minimal pain, minimal bleeding and fast healing time. Your baby will be able to breastfeed immediately following the procedure

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